The importance of efficient and accurate reporting and analytics software

Things have changed for shippers since 2019. E-commerce sales were already on the rise before the pandemic, and now sales have increased even more. Prior to the pandemic, consumers did approximately 40% of their shopping online, this percentage has gone up to 60% and is expected to stay at around 55% after the pandemic ends (data composed in a survey from Pitney Bowes).

Small Parcel shipping costs are also increasing. This increase is more than just the annual increase from the carriers. Small Parcel carriers have added more surcharges and current surcharges have increased.  Guaranteed service refunds and money back guarantees are still not fully back into place. There are late payment penalties and recent changes in last mile service which have also driven up costs.

With all the changes in distribution as far as different brick and mortar drop off points and new warehouses being utilized and built across the region, shippers need to be able to view, access and understand their shipping data. Being in tune with your real data such as shipping to and from certain warehouses to destinations and narrowing in on carrier data and volume to different locations (country, state, city) can play a big part in helping companies learn their shipping trends and how to grow in these areas. Crucial data and analytics have helped our clients expand and make decisions on how to move forward with their logistics and distribution.

Good, efficient, accurate software can be a big investment. Our 24-hour access powerful reporting and analytics software will allow your business to monitor and review detailed shipping information. We offer hundreds of reports with a high-level overview with access to details. This comes at no charge for audit and optimization clients.

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