Our Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix our billing errors?

Yes. During our carrier freight invoice audit, billing errors are brought to the carrier’s attention.  We will designate an invoice as “Approved for Payment” when the carrier has made the correction. Our freight pay service will only make payment once the invoice has been approved.

How does ACT make sure we are being billed correctly by our carrier?

We audit every line of every invoice to ensure carrier invoice accuracy.  Not only do the invoices go through a software audit, our large freight audit (FreightCop®) has an eyes-on component to catch errors that software is unable to identify.  ACT is one of the few companies that perform the eyes-on audit portion of the audit process, resulting in a higher percentage of savings.

Understanding hidden shipping costs can be challenging and time consuming. Where do you start?

ACT starts by organizing and analyzing your data. Our team, with decades of experience and knowledge, performs a Deep Data Dive to identify areas where optimization is essential.  There is a vast array of components involved in each client’s unique shipping patterns.  We will provide optimization items and will review these findings thoroughly with you.


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