PackageCop® Audit and Reporting Analytics

UPS, FedEx, DHL and regional carriers

Our 24-hour access powerful reporting and analytics tool will allow your business to monitor and review detailed shipping information. We offer hundreds of reports with a high-level overview with access to details. You will have access to our proprietary

  • Analysis Dashboards
  • General Ledger/Financial Reports
  • Savings Recovered Reports
  • Historical Shipment Reports

Our robust software is not only utilized by our clients but also relied upon by other consulting agencies throughout North America. The results for you are the confidence that billing is accurate and profits are increased.

A shipping audit is the process of reviewing, inspecting, and validating all shipping invoices. A manual audit is tedious, complicated and error prone with a higher chance of missing out on eligible refunds. Carriers charge for additional services including additional handling charges, weekly pick up fees, delivery area surcharges, residential delivery charges, and other related accessorials making it challenging for shippers to monitor.

The PackageCop® audit service validates you are being billed correctly, based on your unique contractual agreements with each carrier as well as their service standards. We audit every line of every invoice; refunds are automatically credited to your account.

ACT audits every line of every invoice of your small parcel data; refunds are automatically credited to your account. Each package will typically have 1-5 additional surcharges. We look for:

  • Correct rate or discount applied to every package for contract compliance
  • Duplicate invoice check
  • Address corrections
  • Lost and damage package recovery
  • Manifested but not shipped package cost recovery
  • Invalid 3rd party billing
  • Correct accessorial charges and discounts applied
  • “Not previously billed” validation
  • Late shipment identification and recovery of funds
  • E-Lost packages
  • And many more…


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