Audit and payment service for large freight and small parcel


Large Freight – Less than Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL), Tanker, Ocean, Milk Run, Expedited, Flatbed and Air Audit
            Small Parcel – UPS, FedEx, DHL and regional carriers

There are hidden costs from errors on freight invoices that are unnecessarily pulling profits from your bottom line. Freight carrier billing systems are often imperfect and prone to mistakes. ACT has a proven track record of finding these errors and turning them into returned profits to our clients.

Our large freight audit process includes the unique eyes on validation of the Bill of Lading (BOL) against each carrier invoice. This allows us to catch mistakes the carrier might make entering the BOL data into their invoicing system. This service rarely performed by our competitors and responsible for nearly 50% more savings.

Our small parcel audit service validates you are being billed correctly, based on your unique contractual agreements with each carrier as well as their service standards. We audit every line of every invoice; refunds are automatically credited to your account.

Audit of large freight invoice for billing accuracy, including verification
of refunds credited back to YOUR account. 
  • Matching key elements of the BOL to the invoice using eyes-on validation
  • Correct base rate and discount applied for tariff and contract compliance
  • Duplicate billing check
  • Correct weight billed
  • Correct freight classification applied (including FAK rates)
  • Correct billing method or freight terms
  • Accessorial charge validation and recovery
  • Shipments that fall “outside of the norm” will be red flagged for discussion and review
  • And many more…

Download Details for Large Freight Audit

Download Details for Small Parcel Audit

ACT audits every line of every invoice of your small parcel data; refunds are automatically credited to your account. Each package will typically have 1-5 additional surcharges. We look for:

  • Correct rate or discount applied to every package for contract compliance
  • Duplicate invoice check
  • Address corrections
  • Lost and damage package recovery
  • Manifested but not shipped package cost recovery
  • Invalid 3rd party billing
  • Correct accessorial charges and discounts applied
  • “Not previously billed” validation
  • Late shipment identification and recovery of funds
  • E-Lost packages
  • And many more…

General ledger Coding Available by Shipper, Consignee, Carrier and Service Level, or Reference Field Value

No access is required to any of your business systems. Freight movement and billing data are pulled directly from the carrier’s website with no software integration on your side. All of your data is compiled in a standard layout so you can easily pull this information into your business system, if desired.

We offer a complete carrier payment service. Your accounting department will save time and money as they will only need to cut one payment per week to ACT, and we will pay all your carrier invoices on your behalf.

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