I would like to express my satisfaction with the team at Advanced Carrier Technologies (ACT) and the savings they have been able to provide for IKEA.

While we may have had some initial skepticism, ACT has delivered on their promise to provide savings, and continue providing savings. The ACT Shared Savings program provides a win-win environment, with little to no risk on our part. They do all of the work, while we both share in the savings.

It’s hard to get two things done at one time; our relationship with ACT has allowed our internal invoicing department to basically do just that. While ACT does their job, our internal people can work on something else. It is like hiring external audit experts, without the overhead of salary and benefits.

While I am not able to release specific savings information, I can say that ACT provides IKEA with a significant savings annually.
We view ACT as a valuable partner and look forward to working with them in the future.

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