Is TMS software a benefit? Maybe…

TMS software can be convenient and handy for some shippers. But what if you’re looking for more than managing inbound and outbound shipments, planning freight movements and estimating shipping costs?  TMS software was developed primarily for these areas of focus. If you are looking to audit or optimize your shipping, TMS software does not perform in these areas.

E-Commerce orders are continuing to rise, and shippers are learning that TMS software is not the ideal tool to determine the important areas of concern in this time of never-ending shipping challenges.

TMS software will not determine:

Your cost reductions last month.

The accessorial discounts you received or did not receive.

If you are paying for more weight than you should be paying.

All the credits you are owed.

Most logistics consulting experts offer shipping audits, (one of the areas TMS providers lack) unique to parcel shipping to help retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and healthcare companies save on daily shipping cost errors, incorrect billing, lost packages, etc. We go a step further by offering shipping auditing and optimization. Your shipping data will be thoroughly analyzed to see where your shipping discounts and rates currently stand, we show you where you should focus to save even more.

TMS software is a big investment and could be a mistake if your main goal is creating an efficient and effective parcel shipping savings strategy. Our goal is to achieve the best savings possible resulting in new carrier agreements with 10-25% in savings, sometimes even more.

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