Freight auditing should be a higher priority

Freight Auditing Services are growing in demand increasingly over the last two years. There are hidden costs from errors on freight invoices that are unnecessarily pulling profits from your bottom line. Freight carrier billing systems are often imperfect and prone to mistakes.

Just recently, FedEx has suspended Economy Domestic FedEx Express Freight which includes FedEx 2Day Freight and FedEx 3Day Freight. This suspension is due to labor shortages which has become a nationwide problem, especially for carriers and supply chains. In addition, fewer workers tend to be the new standard. For this reason and the increase in carrier rates, fees and mistakes made due to lack of internal resources, freight auditing should be a higher priority.

Shipping auditing should be an all-inclusive service. The services should provide daily auditing of all types of freight along with freight payment and optimization of carrier contracts. There may be other carrier opportunities that may be a better fit for your organization. It is worthwhile for shippers to take a deeper dive into their data and be aware of savings and other opportunities that may be beneficial to their business.

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