Are you being Dimmed?

Companies often pay for more weight than they realize. Package dimensions can be very costly.

What is dimensional weight (aka DIM weight)?

Dimensional weight is based on the measurements of a package: (L x W x H) / DIM divisor.

The standard DIM divisor is 139. When a package is sent, your carrier will electronically scan it to determine its dimensions and calculate the DIM weight, rounding up to the next pound. If the DIM weight is higher than its actual weight, you’ll pay based on the DIM weight. Hence the reason it is so crucial to choose the right packaging.

But, choosing packaging that’s unnecessarily large will cost you more. And if a box is overpacked and it bulges beyond its original dimensions, the carrier’s scanner will measure larger dimensions, making the package cost even more than expected.

What is the dimensional Additional Handling surcharge?

In 2022, the Additional Handling – Dimension surcharge is zone-based and costs between $15.75 to $21.50 ($16 in 2021). The criteria is shown below.

  • Longer than 48” on the longest side
  • Longer than 30” on the second-longest side
  • More than 105” in length and girth combined (A package’s girth is two times its width plus two times its height).

How dimensions affect your shipping costs

Here is a scenario for a 20” x 20” x 25” package with an actual weight of 23 lbs.

Based on the formula above, the dimensional weight will be 72 lbs., which is greater than its actual weight of 23 lbs., you’ll be charged for the dimensional weight.

In addition, there are Additional Handling costs. Same package example – It’s not longer than 48” on the longest side or 30” on the second-longest side, and then length plus girth.

Length is 20”. girth is 90”. [(2 x 20”) plus (2 x 25”)].

Length and girth combined are 110”, adding $15.75-$21.50 to the cost of your package. So, if you estimated the cost based on your package’s actual weight and were unaware of the new surcharge, the cost of that package was underestimated the cost of that package

ACT has over 30 years experiencing working with organizations large and small to determine the best shipping scenario unique to your business needs. We are available for shipping consultations at your request.

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