2022 UPS GRI Increase on Domestic Service Levels

UPS is en route with FedEx rolling out their 5.9% average increase, December 26, 2021 for 2022. The highest spikes in services are Next Day Air and 3 Day Select, the latter increasing by 9.50%. These two services could see the most magnitude of usage in 2022 being consumers want low or no cost shipping and want their packages to arrive at their door sooner. Beyond Express services, Ground services took a significant hike in their base rates along with their corresponding minimum charge. As far as International shipments, both import and export, you’ll find a varying degree of rate increases within each matrix of zone by weight. A few increases fall below the average 5.9%, but the vast majority take a higher jump.

The graphs above show the increases by service level and zones. Besides the 3 Day Select increase across all zones, Next Day Saver, Zone 2 increased substantially by 7.25%.

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