What we hear the most: “We’re getting the best rates from our carriers.”

Most often this is not the case…Small parcel shipping is growing increasingly more complex with ongoing rate increases, surcharges, zone-based surcharges and never-ending peak surcharges. Auditing and optimizing is a zero-risk practice that can significantly improve your bottom line.

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Who We Are


Advanced Carrier Technologies (ACT) is a logistics audit and consulting firm focusing exclusively on producing guaranteed, quantifiable savings on shipping costs for our clients through a variety of innovative consulting and auditing services. When you partner with us, we provide an experienced resource that will go to work for you to find those hidden profits. If there are no savings, you pay nothing.

ACT’s process of monthly scrutinizing and analyzing shipping data allows us to collaborate with your team to offer solutions to reduce costs and address your inbound and outbound shipping challenges.



Several ways of helping you save money

Shipping data must be analyzed in an ongoing systemic process to uncover billing errors and overcharges, as well as look for optimization opportunities. Our tools and analytics have positively impacted several manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce companies, who spend in the range of $200K-$150M each in transportation costs annually.


3 Things you should know about your shipping

You are more than likely not getting the best rates and discounts from your carriers.

Your carrier agreement is not a locked down agreement.

Carriers are very experienced at negotiating daily with shippers. How often do you negotiate? We can help you even the playing field.

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